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The difference between an Escort and a Call Girl:

Lately, there are too many advertisements that we see on the net and in various agencies and clubs where we find the word ‘escort’ anywhere, and it is that its real meaning is being lost. If you are looking for Call girls in Paharganj or looking for hot escorts in Paharganj, you should know the difference between these girls. 

Escort Girls vs. Call girls:

The word Escort as such means companion, as it refers to a companion girl. When we talk about a call girl, we focus on the sexual part, especially intimate, there is no accompaniment, there is no ‘relationship’, just sex and its practices.

Real Paharganj Escorts enjoy good health, beauty and leads a healthy lifestyle. It is very common to find that prostitutes spend very long hours of work where they turn the space and intimate time with each client into something mechanized. 

This usually leads to drugs, to compete with their colleagues to exceed the number of clients served per day and what is worse, give at least 50% of their services to their ‘representative’. 

Many of these girls arrive in Delhi without knowing the language and are lost in the emptiness of endless nights of sex and days wasted sleeping and buying clothes.

On the contrary, Paharganj Escorts is dedicated to casual and discreet encounters with clients in their proper measure. An escort will never go through many clients on the same day or the same week. 

They usually combine these intimate encounters with their study days at the university or their regular job. Some of them are only dedicated to being escorts, but they are always learning and improving their culture, their know-how, their presence and they have a plan to retire normally in the short/medium term.

Differences in dating an Escort and a Call girl:

A date with a call girl usually lasts between 15 minutes and 1 hour, rarely being longer. Given the mechanical nature of the encounter. As we have commented before, the call girl has her mind fixed on money and it shows. 

An escort offers an experience where the client must forget that she is paying for company/sex and is simply enjoying a few hours with a charming, open-minded, and open-minded girl.

The difference is noticeable in the affection, passion, and freshness of the company girls who are escorts.

The date no longer seems like a mere transaction, it transcends a kind of fleeting but sincere relationship. Appointments usually last between 1 hour and overnight.

Without a doubt, Delhi is one of the countries with the most attractions for sex tourism. We strive for excellence in everything we undertake and that is why our goal is always to offer you the most real and most up-to-date information possible. 

Photos, descriptions, erotic services, videos, stories, experiences, interviews, news, and much more make up a cocktail that leaves no one indifferent. Together with the exquisite design, makes our users feel the need to continue browsing and researching our different sections. 

In our Paharganj Call Girls portal, you can find a wide range of Escorts and Call Girls with very varied characteristics. All of them exceptional and with really attractive charms.

Finally tell you that there are both escorts in Paharganj or call girls that should not be called that, as well as prostitutes who should go to the first division. 

The important thing is to know that you will have to go through several appointments/agencies/girls to find the one that suits you, this is like in relationships. We do not always complement each other 100% with the first person we meet. 

And this is where the importance of being able to trust an agency comes in. If you are one of the clients who like variety, change every few weeks, you will have someone who will know how to recommend you exactly according to your tastes and preferences.

If you’re one of those tourists or locals who are looking for a genuine and real call girl in Paharganj to fuck, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Check out our site where we keep updating our collection. Choose your favorite call girl or escort and let us know your choice. We will send her to your home or hotel room at the best prices!

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