The Singapore kiss, the best technique that will take you to orgasm

This ancient sexual technique is very exciting, both for men and women, it will lead them to an intense and lasting orgasm.

It is no secret to anyone that sex is the best that has ever been and, every day, we learn much more about the different practices and techniques to improve it. One of them is the Singapore kiss, if you don’t know what we’re talking about, then keep reading our post.

What is the Singapore kiss?

It is a technique that consists of the voluntary contraction of the muscles of the vagina, during penetration, in this way, the man feels how the woman squeezes his member and she can feel the friction, achieving maximum stimulation of the G-spot. This way, you can have an explosive orgasm that you can experience with one of our escorts.

How do you do this technique?

Many women can do it naturally, but others cannot, so it won’t be as easy on the first try. To do this, you need prior preparation, by practicing special exercises, such as Kegel exercises.

What are Kegel exercises?

You just have to contract the internal muscles of the vagina, as if you were holding the urge to urinate, and then relax those muscles. Every time the woman practices it, she will notice the difference. Not all women need the same amount of exercise to tone their muscles, so it is advisable to start with about 20 repetitions at least 3 times a day and gradually increase as you progress.

It would then be the practice of contracting, holding, and releasing, instead of contracting and releasing. By being able to achieve this, from then on it only remains to perfect the technique to make it a total delight. Because, once the woman can control it alone, she can apply it with a man doing the famous Singapore kiss.

Another option to strengthen these muscles is with the use of the so-called Chinese balls, which are spherical instruments that go in a chain to be inserted into the vagina to exercise the pelvic floor.

In case she does not have this element, the woman can practice with any sex toy or dildo so that she can feel her muscles contract and release correctly.

The moment of action:

Once the girl is already an expert, the moment of truth arrives, to do the Singaporean kiss. You can imagine it? Well, it goes something like this:

– The man will have to lie on his back while she straddles him, that way the girl can keep up. In this position, the boy must remain immobile, leaving her to be the one to handle everything at her whim.

– It is time to do the penetration, remembering that, the thicker the penis, the better sensation, and pleasure it will give to both.

– You can now start to perform the contractions that will provide orgasms. Each of these contractions must be continuous and with a maximum level of intensity.

– Just so that you have an idea of ​​what you can enjoy and enjoy, this technique comes from a legend that says that there was a prostitute who could insert and remove her client’s penis just by moving with her sex.

This story sounds exciting, right? Well, you won’t be far from being able to enjoy it. Only if your girl is ready will you know what she feels like. Similarly, there are other ancient techniques like this one, to achieve an explosive orgasm.

One of the most outstanding and often offered by our collaborators is the natural French, which has something very similar to the Singapore kiss, but, in this case, the contractions are made with the mouth.

So, now you know, if you want to enjoy the best sex of your life, you are in the right place. Because, at Mahipalpur escorts service, our girls will offer you the best of services and with the total discretion that characterizes us.

Don’t think about it anymore, they are waiting for you! Call us and let us know your choice and we will send you that girl to your hotel or home so you can enjoy several other new services with your partner.

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