The best positions to enjoy explosive oral sex

In our call girl services in Noida, you can enjoy oral sex to the fullest that will take you to glory. Our call girls in Noida offer the best sexual services in this city and oral sex with one of these positions will be the most delicious thing you can feel.

Sex in all its splendor is divine, from where you see it and wherever it is. But, without a doubt, many factors influence it to make it more intense. In addition to the environment and, of course, the person, the postures are important to achieve maximum pleasure and full enjoyment of it.

Ideal positions for oral sex:

In general, couples tend to do this practice with the same posture always, which causes them to fall into a routine. And, therefore, into boredom, causing many men to have to resort to the services of an escort. This makes both of them no longer feel like doing it or that the pleasure they feel decreases in intensity.

Therefore, it is very important to know that there is a great diversity of postures that can be used. The idea is that they can test each day so that they know which one they feel most comfortable with and which one provided the best sensations. The result, a completely explosive orgasm that will take you to the clouds in an instant, and you will see the difference. Pay attention to them:

The automatic:

This is one of the most exciting and can be done by both men and women, that is, inverted. She lies on a bed on her back leaving her head hanging to the edge and he must stand up and put her member in her mouth. It can also be the one who lies on the bed and she who is standing.

It will be truly pleasant, since, who receives oral sex, she will be able to visualize the entire act with all the detail and the best of all is that she is in total control.

Likewise, she has her hands completely free to be able to caress her partner. If it is the man who is standing, he will enjoy “to die”, since this posture greatly favors penetration, it will be deeper.

The lazy one:

We are talking about that basic position of fellatio, so whoever receives it will only have to stand on their side with the upper leg slightly bent, and whoever gives it will place their head at the level of the genitals.

The most beneficial thing about this is that it is extremely comfortable and effective, you just have to focus on licking, nibbling, and sucking. For the rest, to enjoy.

Positions for cunnilingus:

A woman’s vagina can be caressed in many ways, and they have many highly sensitive areas that can be stimulated with the fingers, mouth, and tongue. For her to reach the maximum of her climax, she must be comfortable, therefore, take a good look at these positions when you give her pleasure:

The Banquet:

To be honest, the name of this pose says it all, she should lean her legs up as far as she can, so that there is one of her on each side of her face. As her legs are so far apart, the man can go through each space in that area and taste it as it should be, that is why it is called a “banquet”.

In addition, the man has it in front of him, so he can visualize it perfectly, and we will know that this aspect in men is exciting.

The queen’s chair:

It is very common within BDSM practices, such as Domination, Sadism, and Masochism. Here the predominant thing is that the woman is the one who dominates, and she sits on the face of hers dominated by her, placing her genitals in the man’s mouth.

There she is in control of herself, and she is very excited because she can move freely to feel all the deliciousness that her partner gives her. He has his hands free from her to caress her and stimulate her in other parts of her body.

The Butler:

It consists of the girl remaining to stand and trying to slightly arch her back and lean her forward. Where is he located? Depending on the height he can stand behind her, on the floor and his knees, or just sit on the bed. He can help himself with his hands to hold her lover’s buttocks, so he will be able to lick and suck whatever he wants, even back there.

This pose is very spicy, since faces cannot be seen, which provides greater sensation and excitement.

In short, there are many more positions that provide maximum pleasure, so you do not have to fall into monotony, going from the simple to the risky will take you straight to glory. So, you can take this into account to enjoy the best sex oral when you decide to hire one of our luxury escorts in Noida.

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