How to find out a girl has done multiple partners sex?

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If you are reading this blog right now, it is because you surely have a great suspicion that your partner is having sexual relations with another person. How to know if your partner has done multiple partners sex and cheats on you sexually? To more accurately detect whether or not your partner is cheating on you sexually, in this blog: find out the tips to know if your partner is cheating on me sexually, we will explain what are some clues that may be indicators of betrayal.

How to know if your partner had sex with someone else?

It is common to hear “my partner cheats on me and denies it” and to receive questions such as: how do I know if my girlfriend has done multiple partners sex? There is no single psychological profile of an unfaithful person.

Changes in routine:

Your partner used to have the same routine every day, she had well-defined schedules, her time to leave work and get home was always the same, she did not go out very often with her friends and when she did, she arrived more or less early.

Now you notice that despite the fact that her work entry and exit times remain the same, she arrives later than normal, if before she saw her friends every certain time, now she sees them much more often, out of nowhere they appear commitments or extra activities that never came up before, the time she used to spend with you has been cut down quite a bit and now she spends much more time away from home.

For one reason or another, she forbids you to accompany her to do certain activities outside the home. They have something to do at a certain time and she does not arrive on time. So, she makes up unbelievable excuses for you, justifying her delay, among other things.

It must be taken into account that all these attitudes have been repeated for a long time, so we cannot say that for 3 days doing the same thing it is infidelity, we must not take into account the specific cases, this they have to be continuous.

She doesn’t want to have sex with you:

You notice that her sexual appetite has decreased considerably and that she has stopped wanting to have sexual encounters with you when she previously did not.

Definitely, especially if your partner has always been quite sexually active, this will be the strongest proof that she is actually having sex with another person.

It may be that when you want to have a sexual encounter with her, she rejects you directly telling you that she doesn’t feel like it and/or invents some excuse for not doing it, for example, that she is very tired, that she is very stressed, she goes to bed earlier than usual and even pretends to be asleep so you don’t tell him anything, etc.

Here it is necessary to rule out that there is any other reason why she is behaving in this way, such as that she is going through a very difficult and stressful moment in a certain area of ​​his life, a duel, that she is depressed or present a hypoactive sexual desire disorder among other things. Also, take into account how often she has been behaving in this way.

Behavior changes when your partner cheats on you:

You notice that your partner is no longer the same as before, she behaves with you in a very strange way and you perceive that she no longer feels the same for you.

This can be very evident in certain behaviors such as the fact that she no longer wants to spend as much time with you as she used to. On the contrary, she gives more importance to the plans she makes with her friends, family, or other people close to her has stopped being the affectionate person you knew and behaves in a colder and more distant way. She has forgotten the details that were previously very important, prefers to call other people on the phone before you, you feel that she is looking for some excuse to end the relationship.

In addition, she does not care about you and your physical or emotional well-being as she did before, among many other things that make it clear that something is not right in the relationship and that this person does not love you the same as before.

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